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Translating a document from German into Italian with a certification?

Offices and authorities usually require officially certified translations from sworn translators in order to ensure a legally binding reproduction of the original documents. In Germany, only translators appointed, authorised and sworn by the respective regional courts may carry out certified translations.


Certified translations are texts or documents that are translated from a foreign language into German or vice versa, and whose authenticity is legally binding (“certified”). This includes documents such as ID cards, passports or certificates, birth certificates, residence permits and much more.


1. First you send me a photo of the documents to be translated and/or the scanned document.
2. I will send you a quote including all anticipated costs.
3. I will start work upon receipt of your order.
4. After the translation has been completed, you can either pick up the certified translation yourself or I will send it to you by post.

The certified translation will be provided with a notarization mark, stamp and signature of the court-certified translator.

Hello and Guten Tag!

As a native of Milan, who lives and works in Berlin and translates from German and English, I am at home in many languages. Born in 1986, I developed my passion for foreign languages at an early age. I have always felt very comfortable with people who speak and think differently and actively sought out encounters with them.

I’ll make time for you! The initial on-site consultation is free of charge.

If you have further questions, please call or send an E-mail. I will be happy to advise you in more detail at any time.


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