Professional translations
from German &
English into Italian


from German & English into Italian

Are you looking for a native speaker to check Italian translations for grammar and spelling?

Correct spelling and punctuation are imperative for important corporate documents, whether they are presentations, E-mails, contracts, marketing texts, technical content or any other kind of text. Take advantage of my Italian proofreading and editing services, which will fine-tune your texts and prepare them for further use without errors.


In addition to translation services, I also offer my clients professional proofreading, where the Italian translation is checked for grammar and spelling. I proofread your texts and documents in Italian for:
· spelling
· grammar
· punctuation


A detailed proofreading is also part of my range of services, whereby here the focus is on checking the content of the Italian translation by comparing it with the original. Proofreading takes into account aspects such as:
· Style and structure
· Comprehensibility and logical structure in Italian

Hello and Guten Tag!

As a native of Milan, who lives and works in Berlin and translates from German and English, I am at home in many languages. Born in 1986, I developed my passion for foreign languages at an early age. I have always felt very comfortable with people who speak and think differently and actively sought out encounters with them.

Proofreading, editing or translation?

I will be happy to advise you in more detail regarding the service you require. Feel free to call or send me an E-mail. I look forward to meeting you.


Melissa Maggioni M.A.
Für Berliner Gerichte und Notare ermächtigte Übersetzerin für die italienische Sprache
Grunewaldstraße 10/11 | 13597 Berlin | Mobil +49 (0)173 4121632 | Telefon +49 (0)30 54460999