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Do you want to have a text translated from German or English into Italian?

As a customer, you expect a translator who works quickly, competently and reliably for you — and all for the best possible price/performance ratio. These aspects are also particularly important to me, which is why I process every order with the utmost diligence and discretion. When translating texts, I apply the native speaker principle, where I take into consideration both linguistic-cultural aspects and any stylistic particularities. A final revision by me is included in the offer. And if you wish, you can of course book an additional revision by another translator in my network (the principle of double control).

Extensive specialist knowledge & many years of experience in the areas of corporate communications, e-commerce & technology

Naturally, one of my responsibilities is to regularly immerse myself in new subject matter areas and to anticipate them from the start.
This is a matter of course for me and my customers and a great added value.

For example:
Web pages
Press releases
Marketing materials
and much more …

In the field of corporate communications, professional texts and translations are important factors that can contribute to the company’s success, sales growth and brand profiling. That is why it is so important to rely on professional, high-quality translations for your company that take into account the style and tonality as well as the special requirements of each target group. Corporate communications covers everything that involves the internal and external communication of your company, e.g. business documents, intranet, blog posts, social media, storytelling and much more.

For example:
Online store content
Product specifications
Keyword creation
Product category descriptions
Landing pages
Business terms and conditions
and much more …

In recent years, e-commerce has replaced traditional retailing as one of the areas with the highest turnover. This is why it is very important that e-commerce translations are tailored to your company and your target group.

For example:
Descriptions & operating instructions for machines and equipment
Texts for automotive industry
Cleaning systems technology
and much more …

Technical translations require special expertise and the ability to reproduce complex facts with precision. It makes no difference whether the texts are technical in nature, in the form of operating instructions or texts for manuals or other highly specific technical documents: In my translations I make sure that the technical facts are clearly described and thus contribute to professional, convincing international communication.

Hello and Guten Tag!

As a native of Milan, who lives and works in Berlin and translates from German and English, I am at home in many languages. Born in 1986, I developed my passion for foreign languages at an early age. I have always felt very comfortable with people who speak and think differently and actively sought out encounters with them.

Your reliable partner for Italian translations

Maggioni Translations ensures that you and your business partners speak the same language. I am your reliable and sustainable partner here to support your project through all the important stages, from the first contact to delivery of the translated document — competently and transparently.


Melissa Maggioni M.A.
Für Berliner Gerichte und Notare ermächtigte Übersetzerin für die italienische Sprache
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